At the tender age of 15 God spoke to me through a man of God who insisted that I should do my seminary studies in the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, Australia. Five years down the track I left my home country of Singapore and arrived in Perth, Western Australia to undertake 4 years of studies obtaining a Bachelors in Ministry. Upon completion I started to do itinerant ministry within the state of Western Australia.
After several years of dissatisfaction with my ministry I undertook a Masters and then a Doctorate in Theology thinking this would give me a “better kind of ministry”. Lo, and behold I found out how duped I was, it only brought more misery. On many occasions I asked this question to the Lord, “where are those miracles that you did in the bible, why is my ministry so dry?” Armed with these ongoing dry experiences I decided to take radical steps, steps that I would not want any of you to take.
About one kilometre away from my home at the time, there was a brook called Jane Brook and during winter the temperature would drop to around 2 degrees. I used to jump into this brook and stand there for between 2 to 4 hours at a time asking God “show yourself to me”. I used to weep and weep during these times to the point that upon returning home I would be totally numb and have blisters on my hands and feet. I did this continuously for 4 years. Eventually, I gave up and I never saw Jesus face to face, nor did I see my ministry change.
Then on one occasion I was returning from an overseas trip after preaching in different churches and I told a number of people that I was going to leave the ministry once and for all and pursue some ventures in the business field since I was not seeing any fruits in my ministry or mighty results. Week in week out I prayed for people but their situations never changed.
I asked myself many times why should I serve a God that cannot seem to answer me. With a determined mind, I decided to step down from ministry after this last trip. It was September 1997. I arrived at the Perth International Airport and the Customs Officer had just pulled me aside to check my luggage and contents. Then the finest moment of my life that totally and radically changed my ministry and outlook happened. Firstly, I saw a huge plasma screen, a screen I had never seen before, a heavenly screen that is indescribable.
All of a sudden appearing on my left for the very first time I saw Jesus Christ and then on my right-hand side, my Holy Ghost. I was caught up in a time warp. Everything stood still and I could see the three of us in dialogue, but the crowd around us were completely frozen. The first words Christ said were, “I hear you are about to step down from my work?” and to that, I said ‘yes’. His countenance became very sad and He said, “Why?”. I replied, “I can’t do anything which You did in the gospels”. In the next few minutes, He started to challenge me and He said to me, “Watch this screen carefully and then give Me an answer after this”. In that screen, the map of the continent of Australia appeared and I was shown about 25% of the population (Christians) were going into Heaven.
This was my first encounter with what heaven looked like, which I was extremely grateful to see. Then the screen changed and I was shown 75% (non-Christians) were heading straight to Hades. That brought me to tears and that was my first encounter with the dominion of darkness. There was so much gnashing of teeth and screaming as they were entering into the many and varied pits that make up Hell. By now I was stunned, speechless and overcome with emotion. All this while the Holy Spirit was watching my behavior, attitude, and countenance. Here and there He said a few words, but the entire time the conversation was dominated by my Lord Jesus Christ. With this vision, Jesus finally asked me, “Are you willing to lay down your life and work for me?” I said yes.
I then said, will you teach me everything I need to know in regards to the miraculous?. And He assured me that for the next 15 months He would appear at my meetings and pick the person up and He would reveal their past, present and future to me and that would set His people free. This gift of the word of knowledge was what I had always been craving for right from the age of 15. Fifteen minutes later the whole vision disappeared and I was never the same man again. For the next 3 days I cried and cried and cried for the lost souls revealed to me on that giant screen. This ministry you see today is the by product of this very encounter.