Get To Know Reg

Reg is first husband to Caryn, a Clinical Psychologist, and father to Jesse and Josh.  They make their home in Perth, Western Australia. 

With the Bible in his hand, the word of God in his heart, the Holy Spirit close by, angelic hosts of heaven bringing messages from the throne room daily, and 23 visitations with Jesus, people flock from all around the world to seek either healing or a breakthrough in their circumstances.

With a desire to learn the deeper things of God, Reg continues his learning.  A graduate student of multiple Universities, Reg has gained multiple Degrees, Masters, Doctorates and Ph.D.’s in various types of biblical studies. 

Reg is the Senior Pastor of Living Faith Community Church, launched out of Anoint the World Ministries, which he had founded 15 years prior... Each week he runs seven services, plus two on-campus classes in the School of Impartation, all reaching a global audience through various social media platforms. Reg has written twenty-two books including his most recent The Unseen Realm: Behind the Enemy Lines. Others are Spirit to Spirit Transfer, Opening the Door to Ink, and The Effect of Soulties on our Lives, which are all ground-breaking and exceptionally insightful. Reg is President and founder of Anoint the World University, based in Florida USA, Principal of Anoint the World Theological Seminary, Australia, Director of School of Impartation, where he teaches and imparts the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, and is Director of the very revelationary Global Online Summit which he launched in 2018.

Reg has recently launched his well-known Perth based Seers Conference, onto the global stage.  In an effort to stir an international revival, Reg travels to New Zealand and the USA, where thousands of people gather from different denominations and backgrounds, saved and unsaved seeking healing or a breakthrough in their lives.

Between studying, writing, running multiple services, and teaching, Reg is kept busy taking care of his two boys and lovely wife Caryn